URGENT: Obama Just Released 20 THOUSAND VIOLENT Criminals into the United States


ICE Director Sarah Saldana apparently isn’t aware the “E” in ICE stands for “enforcement.” If she did, 19,723 illegals would not have been released from US prisons last year.

You read that right. 19,723 illegal immigrants that committed crimes on US soil were let go in 2015. We’re not talking about people that got busted for unpaid traffic tickets or back child support.

A total of 64,197 convictions had been racked up by this group. Of those, 208 were homicides and 8,234 were violent crimes, including sexual assault. Then,of course, there was arson and embezzlement.

To make matters worse, dozens of the illegals released were later charged with additional homicides. Grant Ronnebeck was one of their victims. The store clerk was killed over a pack of cigarettes by an illegal who had been facing deportation thanks to burglary, but had been released.

A hearing about the matter was held Thursday.

Incarcerated members of Mara 18 gang inside the Izalco prison in Sonsonate, El Salvador. (Meridith Kohut/The New York Times)

Incarcerated members of Mara 18 gang inside the Izalco prison in Sonsonate, El Salvador. (Meridith Kohut/The New York Times)

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman, Jason Chaffetz, pulled no punches in expressing his displeasure with the release.

“There is a whole list of categories there that are a harm to public safety, including those that commit homicide, that you went ahead and released anyway,” Chaffetz stated. “And so that law is crystal clear. You are making these discretionary choices and released these people out in the public and they are committing more crimes.”

Rep. Jim Jordan had words for Saldana, as well.

“You just decided, we’re not going to follow the law, we’re going to release them,”he charged.

Saldana answered him, saying that only after “careful analysis” were any of the illegals let go.

Jordan was having none of it.

“I’m guessing the families here would disagree with your careful analysis,” he retorted.

What was the defense Saldana offered?

“We are humans and we do fall short sometimes.”

Seriously? The woman is a director of a national law enforcement agency and that is all she can say for herself?

Enough violent illegals were released, last year alone, to populate a small city and all she has is “oops.” Maybe if she related to Kate Steinle she would reel differently.

It could be that she is simply taking a page from the Hillary Clinton answer book. These criminals were released last year, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”



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