Twisted Pervert Rapes 8yr Old Girl, But Never DREAMED She’d Take This Epic Revenge

50 year old Zabhullah Boota suffered a slap on the wrist after raping an 8yr old girl. Boota was found guilty of sexual assault and inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity in 2010, but instead of doing any jail-time, he was sentenced only to community service.

After completion, he moved into the same neighborhood as his victim since there was an apparent failure of communication between the courts and the housing association. Due to the lack of competence between the two, the traumatized mother and daughter were exposed to Boota’s incessant bullying and psychological terror.

This poor girl had to relive her nightmare time and time again.

She decided the nightmare was going to end.

At 14 years of age, the victim decided to take it upon herself to bring justice down on her rapist. If the government wasn’t going to end her endless torment, she was going to do it herself

After stabbing Boota, the victim immediately turned herself in and confessed she had killed someone. Boota unfortunately survived the stabbing and the young victim was charged with attempted murder.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall saw the incompetence of the court regarding her case and decided to give her proper justice by dropping the attempted murder charges and overturned the legal order that protected Boota’s identity. On top of that, Judge Hall refused to allow the mother and child to pay the mandatory victim

“It would be a disgrace to send a survivor like you to prison,” Judge Durham Hall told the child. “You stabbed him in the region of his heart. Mercifully, you did not kill him. He was saved by excellent medical intervention and has made a pretty full recovery. Why did you stab this man? Because when you were eight in 2009 he committed serious sexual offences against you. He was treated by the courts, with hindsight, somewhat leniently but things have changed. Now there is condign punishment in cases of this nature, in accordance with the guidelines.”

It is indeed a breath of fresh air to see a court official in Europe do what was necessary. There is certainly enough coddling of Muslims when it comes to their perverse ways of life.

While this young girl will forever be impacted by the disgusting ordeal, she will at last have some peace and closure.

We must remember that even though this story has a good ending, there are still millions and millions of Muslims who follow the pedophile Mohammad’s example.

Can you imagine what would have happened if this were taken to a Sharia court?



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