If You Think You’re Smart, Try Solving This Puzzle. So Far No One Has Gotten It Correct. See Answer..

Puzzles on the internet are some of the most popular places people end up spending their time because they are so fun and nobody will know if you get them wrong or not!

Some puzzles are able to measure your color perception, or your reaction time, or even your IQ to an extent, but this puzzle measures how good you are at finding patterns in numbers, and it actually a very tough one to crack.

Method 1.) The trick was posted on June 10, and displays four numbers with a blank space at the end, and you must figure out what number goes in that last space.

The numbers go as follows: 32, 45, 60, 77 _?

This puzzle is quite difficult because it factors in a way of thinking about the numbers that many other puzzles don’t employ, as well as the fact that their are two different ways to arrive at the correct answer.  To read how each one of the methods will get you to the correct end point, read on.

You will find that the last number is 96.  You can find this by recognizing that 32 is the first number, and 32 + 13 is equal to 45.  Then you can see that 45 + 15 is equal to 60, and 60+ 17 is equal to 77.  

This means that the numbers are treated as a recursive sequence, where the value in the previous slot is taken into account and an odd number is added to it.

Then by logic, you can figure out that the next added value should be 19, so 77 + 19 is equal to 96.

Method 2.) The second way to look at this puzzle that will also yield a correct value of 96 is by recognizing what numbers are being multiplied to get the respective value.

  • Notice that 4 times 8 is equal to 32
  • Then next, 5 times 9 is equal to 45
  • Then next, 6 times 10 is equal to 60.

Each time, the first number increases by one, and the second number increases by one, and later they are multiplied to get the end value.  Then by adding once again, you can figure that the last value should be 8 times 12, which is equal to 96.

While this will not give you a surefire answer if you are a math genius, it sure will give you some intuition as to how good you are at finding and discovering patterns in numbers.

This can be very indicative also of what type of activities and jobs you would be good at.  People who are good with things such as numbers and patterns typically have what people refer to as a “dominant left side” brain that focuses primarily on computational and rational thinking, while the right side focuses more on arts and creative expression.

If you want to test you friends, send this quiz over to them as well as see if they are able to pick out this masterfully hidden pattern in the numbers!

How did you do on the test?  Did you discover the pattern, or is there even a third way to get the right answer?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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