As Soon As He Hit Play On His Hidden Camera Footage, He Dialed 911 Immediately


While people these days seem to enjoy sleeping together like it is no big deal, by “getting together’ in that manner these people are agreeing that they might have to raise a kid together – no matter if they use contraception or not. And is that really worth the risk?

Steven Corthorn made that decision when he first was with his kid’s mom, Kendra Beswick. After having two beautiful boys, the couple decided it just wasn’t going to work and Kendra moved the kids up to Salem, Indiana.

But one day, Corthorn realized something was up with his kids and made a decision that would change all of their lives for good!

And you can see the shocking video footage for yourself below! 

Steven was shocked one day to find bruises all over his two little son’s bodies, with no obvious origin. Was mom abusing her boys? Was she untrustworthy?

As they had been in the care of their mother, he didn’t want to jump to any drastic conclusions, but he couldn’t be sure anymore since she was out of his life.

Instead of straight up accusing his ex of abusing their children, Steven decided to set up a hidden camera in the boy’s room to see what Kendra was up to when he wasn’t around, which turned out to be one of the best decisions he made.

While he likely expected there to be a less painful explanation, the resulting video shows everything.

The clip begins with Kendra entering the boy’s room, where they are just hanging out and playing with each other – as young children tend to do. Instead of giving them a hug or a kiss like a good mother, what Kendra does next had Steven calling 911 immediately.

Watch the clip to see exactly how this mother treated the children in her care!

First Kendra picks the youngest one up and starts smacking him on the butt, several times in rapid succession – for no apparent reason.

This isn’t just a typical spanking because the boy was misbehaving – this is clearly just abuse, plain and simple. And she never could explain what he did to warrant such an outburst from her.

Soon, she moves onto the other boy and inflicts the same pain, landing at least 2 dozen hits on each of their bottoms. She even seems to be deriving some sort of twisted pleasure from the attacks.

Steven was obviously outraged, calling up his local law enforcement immediately. He also posted a heartfelt message on Facebook so every one of his friends and colleagues would be aware of this awful situation.

Just two days later, Kendra was arrested and charged with two counts of child battery.

Steven is now working to ensure that his children will never be returned to their mother – after a situation like this, it would be hard for a judge to justify that decision.

Do you think Kendra should spend time in jail for this violent crime against her young boys? Sound off in the comments!

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