SHOCKING: Editor of Gay Rights Magazine Is Stabbed To Death In Cold Blood


While gay rights activists here in the U.S. claim to be downtrodden by so-called “religious zealots,” homosexuals and their advocates from other nations are faced with tragic ends

A witness reported that there were at least five young men who took part in the murdering of two men while chanting, “Allahu Akbar” in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Monday. This was the most recent occurrence within a series of attacks that mainly target atheists, moderates, secularists, and foreigners.

The victims were identified as USAID employee Xulhaz Mannan, who previously worked as a U.S. Embassy protocol officer, and his friend, Tanay Majumder, according to Mohammed Iqbal, a police officer in Dhaka’s Kalabagan area. Mannan also was an editor of Bangladesh’s first gay rights magazine, Roopbaan.

U.S. Ambassador Marcia Bernicat spoke out condemning the murder and referred to Xulhaz as a good friend and colleague.

There has been a rise in Islamic extremism in Bangladesh despite the U.S. government and diverse rights groups calling on the Bangladeshi government to protect its people and the right to free speech.

Ambassador Bernicat considers granting asylum and protection for secular bloggers that are being targeted by Islamists. She urges the government of this predominantly Muslim country to capture and punish the evildoers by any means.

It is almost an inconceivable notion that people could truly feel like they’re oppressed in the United States. They fake their own “hate crimes,” lie, accuse, and do everything in their power to avoid the reality that they’re doing nothing more than projecting their own shame onto others who disagree with their life choices.

In this country, people are free to speak their views. They can say whether or not they agree with your decisions even if those decisions don’t affect them personally. People can even say what they want about their own government (though that is being tested lately.)

In this country, you are free to be gay, straight, or whatever ridiculous identity people are coming up with these days without being thrown off a building or imprisoned.

In this country, you are privileged enough to throw a fit over people not wanting men in the women’s bathroom.

In other countries, people like you are murdered, thrown off buildings, and imprisoned.

In other countries, people like you are not free to be gay or whatever ridiculous identity you make up.

In other countries, people like you are not privileged enough to throw fits over men in the women’s bathroom. Nor do they cry victim when someone else speaks negatively about their lifestyle.

Also, please also keep in mind they are not privileged enough to shout what lifestyle they chose because if they did, they would most likely be killed.

Meanwhile, you can walk naked in a gay pride parade exposing your genitalia to children.

Because you’re oppressed……



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