Where “SELF IDENTIFY” Really Has Us Headed- The Danger No One Is Talking About


Where “SELF IDENTIFY” Really Has Us Headed

There is a HUGE push in the country right now to respect people’s wishes to “identify as” a certain gender.

Despite the fact that the biology of these people scientifically contradicts their feelings, we are being punished and belittled for not accepting their choice.

North Carolina has been in the hot seat for passing a bill that requires people to use restrooms that match their DNA- decided gender.

A lot of the debate has centered around the safety and privacy of the genuine males and females using those same restrooms.

I completely agree that allowing “Trans” individuals into bathrooms designated for actual males and females is a catastrophic mistake. It is a disaster just waiting to happen.

The massive loop hole that is left gaping for possible abuse of this trend is terrifying. All a man has to do to have access to women in compromising positions is throw on a wig. All a woman who wants to sneak a peek needs is a pair of pants. All a pedophile has to do is dress a little different and he or she now has the ability to get closer to their targets.

What few are discussing, however, is where this “identify as” train stops. It can not apply exclusively to gender or the argument fails. If how you identify is a choice that biology is not allowed to be a part of, there are far-reaching ramifications.


Let’s say a man “Identifies as” a 15 year old boy. Regardless of the fact that he can be proven to be 37, he feels 15 on the inside. Since choice and not science (according to the current school of thought) determines his true identity, we must recognize him as a 15 year old boy. That means that when he hooks up with your 14 year old daughter, he can’t be charged as a sexual offender. After all, he is only 15.

This person, if we apply the law equally, can not be arrested for child molestation. He is not actually a pedophile because he doesn’t “identify as ” 37 even though a test can prove that he is an adult male.

What if a woman steals a luxury sports car? The police cannot take her into custody if she “identifies as” the vehicle’s owner. Granted, there is a legal piece of paper that shows her to be wrong. If she “feels on the inside” that it is hers, who are we to dispute her?

A person may be born white. If, however, they “self identify” as black, they should now qualify for a minority scholarship, using the “identify” logic.

You may think that all this sounds far fetched, but where does it end? If identity becomes a choice, no matter what can be proven to the contrary, we put ourselves on a slippery slope.

Personally, I think I am going to “identify as” the President of the United States. You may be able to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt that I wasn’t elected, but I feel I should have access to Air Force One and the White House. If you tell me I can’t, you’re a close-minded bigot. So there



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