Real-Life People Who Have Become Dolls

#1 Venus Isabelle Palermo AKA VenusAngelic

Although she’s British, teenage Venus lived in Japan for two years, which inspired her animae character look and fashion. Like Dakota Rose, she’s become popular due to her YouTube make-up tutorials and blog. Her voice and accent is unique and she’s as fascinating in her videos as she is in pictures. She claims her accent is made up of five languages..Wow! Or perhaps, is it constructed too?


#2 Wang Jiayun: China

Wang Jiayun may look like a blow-up doll, but she’s a famous high school student amongst Korean internet followers. Since going viral in 2011, her name is in the top searches on Korean portal websites. Although Wang wears colored contacts and has that vacant look in her eyes that many human doll look-alikes have, she is naturally cute. What’s unexplainable is a fascination of looking artificial and others being attracted to it.


#3 Anastasiya Shpagina: Ukraine

The news has featured stories about girls in Odessa that are altering their bodies to look like human dolls. The trend is catching on around the world and some call it the “Barbie Flu”. Anastasiya though favors transforming herself into an anime character and “never leaves the house without makeup.” She’s a makeup and hair artist so it’s probably not too much of a stretch for her to create this unreal look!


#4 Justin Jedica: U.S.A

Justin’s been tagged the Ken look-alike, and he now rivals the original Barbie look-alike, Ukarian Valeria Lukyanova. After meeting his counter part at a photo shot in NYC, he blasted her for being “a total fake”. What?! Who’s fake here? Evidently he decided to show-her-up by dressing in drag as a Barbie doll himself. Okay, now we’re really confused.


#5  Anzhelika Kenova: Russia

Anzhelika is a newer “human doll” on the Barbie look-alike scene. The mid-twenty year old admits to having had plastic surgery with her waist reduced to 20-inches, and that’s likely alongside an increased bust-line. It seems, a part of the incentive for these dramatic physical alterations is a worldwide recognition that it leads to financial gain and celebrity-ism. When put into this context the bizarreness of the trend begins to make sense. Or does it?


#6 Vanilla Chamu: Japan

It’s quite popular in East Asia for people to undergo cosmetic surgery to enlarge their eyes. But wow, Vanilla Chamu’s new look is extremely different compared to her “before” picture! Do her family members even recognize her today? It’s said she’s spent a whopping $100K and underwent 30 procedures for her “doll” transformation. Additionally, she claims she’s not finished and won’t be “content until she’s a perfect ‘French doll'”.


#7 Valeria Lukyanova: Ukraine

She’s one of the first to start the “Barbie Flu” contagion and has reportedly spent a half a million dollars on her physical transformation, which includes a tiny 19-inch waistline. Justin Jedica, the Ken look-alike claims her use of Photoshop renders her a “fake”. But if it’s a question about “self-construction” and “How real is the Internet?” then Justin himself, is not innocent. Perhaps Valeria’s Internet personality and real life collides as she’s now dubbed the “Space Barbie”, and coaches spiritual out-of-body travel and other “unreal” otherworldly rituals.



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