Raccoon Ate Her Face, But She Did An Amazing Transformation!

Not every pet is kind to you if it loves you that doesn’t mean it can not harm you. One should always be aware, and if you’ve got a child you must be very careful when you’ve pet animal in your home. A small amount of carelessness can put you in guilt throughout your whole life. A family did the same mistake believing that their pet couldn’t hurt their daughter, but they were wrong. A pet raccoon crunched 3-month-old child’s face with its teeth. Oh, you poor girl! Imagine a 3 month-year-old girl who has to live throughout her life with this chewed face. How hard must it be for her?

I get it, not everything is a blessing, but to accept what’ve been done to you is always a win-win situation. And trust me, lucky is the one who is always happy with his luck. She fought with great bravery and now she is happy because what she wanted is on her doorstep. Let’s go through the whole story.

Charlotte Ponce, a 3-month-old girl was sleeping with total relaxation in her bed, and that’s where her family pet came and, in search of food, started biting her whole face. Actually, the raccoon wanted a bottle of milk but ended up chewing her face.


An adorable face with an adorable smile. Yes, her smile is full of life.

Her face is totally messed up, she has to live with this thing to the end, but the smile game is still strong, very strong. Don’t you guys think that she’s the beautiful girl?

In this mishap, she lost the apparent beauty of her right ear, right cheek, nose, and lips. No doubt, a great loss.


Government disqualified Charlotte’s parents to take care of her due to this negligence. Her authority was then given to their aunt and uncle.

Here come’s the biggest twist. Yes, time for some surgeries. She underwent some surgeries but this main surgery changed the life of the innocent girl. The operation was held in 2011, the age of the girl was 11 years old. Doctors tried to grow the right ear for her. After undergoing many surgeries, she finally got her right ear back. Welcome to the world of earrings, sweetheart!

According to her, she was frightened as hell, but at the same time, she had all her positiveness and confidence in herself that she can go through this. And she won this battle with the help of some kind doctors and her own willpower.


Look at the smile of this beautiful slayer. She’s the most beautiful girl, we’ve ever seen so far. Don’t you guys think she’s beautiful or not?

Thanks to doctors, she can now live with more confidence. The raccoon attack made her unable to do some things but still, I must say she’s great motivation to others.

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Source: newzmagazine.com



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