Press A Finger And Focus on Your Back Discomfort… Now See where the night takes us When You Press The Others!


Do you ever know of Jin Shin Jyutsu? It Is actually the ancient Japanese skill of mending, using pressure points to achieve tranquility ,a harmonious balance within the human body. My body can feel damage sometimes so a bit of tranquility can balance to help with my body’s health, sounds good to me. But the best part regarding it, is that you can give it a try with very minimal effort! All it takes is the use of pressure on your different fingertips, with each finger matching to a different indicator|. So give it a shot and let all of us understand and learn how it goes for you!

According to Jin Shin Jyutsu…

Putting pressure on the thumb can…

bring harmony to your stomach and spleen
relieve anxiety, nervousness, depression, skin problems, headaches, stomach aches, and the feeling of being constantly ill
Putting pressure on the index finger can…

bring harmony to your kidneys and bladder
relieve muscle cramps, back pain, tooth aches, digestive tract problems, and feelings of apprehension
Putting pressure on the middle finger can…

bring harmony to your liver and nerves
relieve cardiovascular health, menstrual pain, vision problems, headaches, and feelings of anger and uncertainty
Putting pressure on the ring finger can…

bring harmony to your lungs and digestive organs
relieves breathing problems, digestive problems, ringing in the ears, and feelings of distress
Putting pressure on the little finger can…

bring harmony to your heart
relieves throat pain, flatulence, issues with bones, feelings of tension, anxiety and loneliness
Source: JSJinc

Give it a try and let us know if it worked for you!

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