One Minute, She Was Playing With Popular Toy. The Next She’s Fighting For Her Life

For the family of little Brianna Florer, the nightmare has only continued to get worse. Because they lost the adorable 2-year-old suddenly, from an unexpected danger, they are speaking out to help other parents, grandparents, and caretakers from experiencing the same heartache and grief they are.

The horror began when Brianna’s parents noticed that she had developed a low-grade fever.

But the next minute, the toddler turned blue and began throwing up. Disturbed and terrified, the Florers called 911 and rushed their sick toddler to the hospital. But it was too late.

Their beautiful, young girl soon died. How she died was horrific and terrible. But the reason for her death brought the Florers to tears.

And to make matters worse, it threatens almost every child in America. And you probably don’t even know about it…

When Brianna first got to the hospital, doctors quickly got her in for an x-ray and found a dastardly problem. The little girl had ingested a button battery and it was killing her.

These common energy sources are in many toys, remotes, wrist watches, hearing aids, and other small electronic devices.

The batteries are about the size of a coin and are easy to swallow. And a surprising number of children do, and the ramifications are terrible.

As soon as the doctors realized that Brianna had swallowed a button battery, they knew her life was at risk.

They transported her to a bigger and better hospital, so she could undergo the necessary surgery to remove the battery, which had started dissolving the flesh inside of her body.

“They operated on her for 2 hours, but they couldn’t stop the bleeding,” explained Brianna’s grandfather, Kent Vice, according to Daily Mail. “They believed the battery ate through to her carotid artery by way of her esophagus.”

He continued, “One minute she is perfect, and the next minute she is dead. We had no idea when she swallowed it.”

Button batteries vary in size from smaller than the tip of your pinkie finger to bigger than a quarter.

But if swallowed, the battery can activate inside the person’s digestive tract, dissolving the lining of the esophagus, stomach, or more. And if that happens, the person’s life is at risk.

“I want to keep these things out of houses, they are dangerous.”


Before you send this articles to everyone you know who has a child, make sure you check all of your electronic devices to make sure they don’t have button batteries.

If they do, tape up the remotes and other items so the tiny death devices don’t’ fall out.

Daily Mail reported that from 2005 to 2014, about 11,940 children swallowed button batteries. And that’s only the reported cases…

When the battery touches the saliva, it produces an electronic current. This chemical reaction produces sodium hydroxide or caustic soda.

This is powerful enough to burn flesh and if not treated immediately, can lead to death in hours.

“Pre-school age children are most at risk because these batteries are shiny and the same size as a Smartie. Children will think it’s a sweet, pop it in their mouth and swallow it.

The child can bleed to death.” says Dr Kate Parkins, a pediatrician and consultant at Manchester University Hospitals Trust.

Children from countries all over the world die from swallowing button batteries.

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