Obama Dispatches His Officials To Go After The 2nd Amendment: Here’s Their SNEAKY Plan


It seems not a day goes by that we are not bombarded by some new advance in “smart” technology. Likewise, not a day goes by that we are not slapped in the face with another assault by President Obama and his Administration as to how they plan to deny us our rights. Enter the unholy alliance of smart technology and Obama’s visceral hatred for the Second Amendment.


Obama wants “smart gun” technology, and he wants it in a big way. He has tasked the DoD, DoJ, and DHS with ways and means to make this happen. Since the government can’t do anything in short order, other than those tasks meant to deny Americans’ their freedoms, suffice it to say they are ready to release their reports of findings. Meaning, they have fine-tuned their gerrymandered script to support their positions with make believe data and presumptive statistics.

What is smart gun technology? At its most fundamental it means a gun can only be fired by its owner, and nobody else. As you ponder that, think of the ramifications and go a head and take it to its extremes. We will provide some fantasy situations for your mulling over:

  • A home invasion whereby you have a gun pointed at your face. During a wrestling match the gun is freed from the robber. You have it. You turn it on the intruder, pull the trigger, and….nothing. You’re dead. You don’t own the gun.
  • An altercation between a cop and violent street thug. A physical altercation ensues. The cop loses control of his gun. The thug can’t fire it. That sounds good right? Protect the cop from being killed by his own gun. Awesome! Oh, but what if the thug still has his own? Dead cop. What if the cop got ahold of the thug’s gun and is suffering a two-on-one beat down? He can’t fire it. Dead cop.
  • Let’s return to the home invasion for moment. You don’t own a gun. But, your husband does and it is in your bedside table. He is not home, so you grab it thinking you might need it to defend yourself against the three criminals who just broke into your home. It won’t work. It doesn’t belong to you. You have just been gang-raped, beaten, shot, left for dead, and your home set on fire. All because the “smart” gun was too smart for your own good.

These a just two scenarios that, truthfully, are not out of the realm of possibility. Right now, the voice of America is the Thin Blue Line, and they don’t like this idea. For starters, it is unproven. Second, it would need to be tested in-action. According to James Pasco, the executive direction for the Fraternal Order of Police, “ “Police officers in general, federal officers in particular, shouldn’t be asked to be the guinea pigs in evaluating a firearm that nobody’s even seen yet.”  He went on to state, “We have some very, very serious questions.

Yes, and so do the rest of us. Such technology would prevent nothing. Gun violence would likely soar. Let’s face it, the criminal element will figure out pretty quickly, if they haven’t already, how to override smart technology, or “unlock” a gun. Meanwhile, the rest of us law abiding citizens who can barely change a battery in our smart phones would be sitting ducks in a situation where the bad guy’s gun could be turned on him, but won’t work. Law enforcement would be further handicapped and America at the mercy of thugs.

Naturally the gun control nuts are heralding such measures, and lambasting those of us who opt to think beyond the next step and consider the ramifications, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. For now, the Administration is considering forcing this technology on federal and law enforcement agencies. Even better! Nothing like the FBI, CIA, cops everywhere, and our military being incapable of firing gun, other than the one they were issued. In Democrat crony-capitalist style, some gun manufacturing lobbyists are all for this. In fact, they managed to get a mandate to require that such guns be sold in New Jersey. Fortunately, Governor Christ Christie and some Democrats who are not total tyrants saw the handwriting on the wall and opted to veto the legislation.

Don’t get us wrong. Nobody is against smart gun technology. It’s an interesting concept. However, it is one that must be perfected, long before it is street tested, and certainly before any law enforcement, federal, or military agency is required to be crippled by it.

Not to forget us. The worm is sure to turn on this one, and the approach will be to limit all of the rest of us Average Joes to smart gun technology, so as to ensure that our law enforcement, federal, and military agencies have the freedom of firearm. Meanwhile, thugs will still find a work around, and our lives are stripped of our Second Amendment.

Sure, we might still have our guns, but that whole part about our right to keep and bear arms not being infringed upon would be shot. Literally. Which, as we may recall is the whole point of the Second Amendment to begin with. Obama’s push for smart gun technology is a ruse–nothing more.



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