Mom Of 12: ‘It’s The Government’s Fault I’ve Got So Many Kids, It’s Easy To Claim Benefits’

Although Cheryl Prudham is a happy mother of 12 children, her lifestyle has outraged millions of people across the world because she makes more in government benefits than the average person does from a job. The mother from Skelmersdale, Britain takes home about $52,000 from government benefits. She is forced to hold a part-time job or else she’ll lose the government support and she makes sure that her income never goes above $34,000 or else the government will take away her free money.

She seems to have worked the system perfectly. But her ability to take home so much money from the government has outraged taxpayers. Should this mom be able to live freely like this?

Learn more about her situation and the government benefits she gets below…
Cheryl was invited in for an interview on This Morning with Phillip & Holly. While on the program, she admitted that she is “addicted to having babies.”

Besides her love of making babies, she wants the government to pay for her breast enhancement surgery. She doesn’t want a father so she’s looking for a sperm donor to make baby number thirteen. When viewers heard this they were outraged…

Few people are supportive of Prudham’s addition. They don’t like how she’s using the government and spending taxpayer dollars on things like a breast augmentation. Angered citizens started a petition that called for the then British Prime Minister David Cameron to quit giving this woman free money. More than 15,000 people signed the angry petition which read in part:

“That £40,000 could be put back in the system and be put towards a breakthrough cancer drug to me made available on the NHS. In fact, it could be used for the NHS in general as it is currently in crisis or it could simply go to others who are in need of benefits and are simply unfit to work through no fault of their own … This woman works under 16 hours so that she avoids the benefits cap, so she is clearly fit to work whilst others are not so fortunate. I am all for the benefit system as it helps people in so many ways, but when it is being used for cosmetic surgery and not being [put] towards your children to feed them and cloth them, I see this as abuse when there are people in serious need.”

Cheryl admitted on the This Morning interview that the government would allow her to have another child and they will definitely pay for it. So she’s going ahead with it even if people hate her.

“I don’t make up the rules at the end of the day and I am not the government. If that’s what they are giving me, I am going to take it. So if I can have another child and the government is allowing me to do that, I am going to do that.”

Watch the interview to see the mom of twelve get into a heated debate with Holly over her abuse of government benefits.

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