Millions Of This Drink Are Sold Everyday. But Few People Are Aware It Can Easily Kill You. WARNING!

Because she drinks 20 Red Bull energy drinks per day on average, a British woman has wound up in the hospital with a severely damaged liver.

Mary Allwood, 26, from Brixtham, England was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance this past November because she experience debilitating pain in the side of her body. When she finally reached the emergency room, medical staff discovered that her liver had grown to twice its normal size. And this was extremely bad news…

After seeing her liver, doctors assumed she was a severe alcoholic who drank more booze than water. But then Allwood said she never touches the stuff. Perplexed, doctors had no other explanation. Until Allwood admitted she drinks at least 20 cans of Red Bull every day.

  • “I needed it and I didn’t care at the time what damage it was doing to me,” Allwood explained. “If I didn’t get my fix I would be miserable and grumpy and it just wasn’t an option – I would make sure I got it.”

Allwood admits she was an addict.

  • “At first I would feel as if it would give me a buzz and energy, but eventually it wouldn’t give me energy – I just needed it,” she said. “I needed the taste and fizziness. It was my heroin. I would feel awful if I didn’t have it.”
  • Medical research shows that the high sugar content of Red Bull leads to fat being deposited in the liver. This causes scarring and eventually cirrhosis (liver damage).
  • Allwood is a full-time mother who became addicted to the energy drink just 4-months after trying Red Bull for the first time.
  • “I would go to the supermarket and get ten multi-packs at a time,” she stated. “I’d tell the person at the till that I had a restaurant and I was buying them for that reason.”

The addiction caused Allwood to gain a lot of weight. Red Bull caused her dress size to balloon from 16 to 24. But she couldn’t quit the sugary, caffeinated drink. When the doctors and nurses looked at Allwood in disgust, she was finally shamed into quitting.

  • “They looked at me in disgust,” Allwood recalls.
  • Now she refuses to have energy drinks since they almost ruined her life and killed her.
  • “I think the rules should be changed and it should be treated in a similar way to cigarettes, with the blank packaging,” Allwood claims.

Doctors have found that just one can of soda or energy drink per day increases your chance of getting diabetes by 1.1 percent.

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