Man Who Told Pregnant Anchor He Doesn’t Like Seeing Fat People On TV, Gets What He Deserves

When Katie Fehlinger earned her job as a weather woman for CBS Philly, she had finally achieved her dream. Her whole life Fehlinger wanted to become someone the audience would turn to for their weather.

But since she started standing before the weather map, trolls and bullies on the internet have started shaming her for her body and her “disgusting” weight gain.

One person went so far as to call Fehlinger a “sausage in casing”. This hurt the weather woman’s feelings, but she had worked hard to rise to the top and wasn’t going to let some bully stuck at home on the couch bring her down a peg.

Because she understands that being on TV and before the camera invites criticism and scrutiny, she took the insults with a grain of salt. But Fehlinger wasn’t getting fat, she was 35 weeks pregnant. Because she knew the bullies were attacking pregnant women everywhere, she used her platform on CBS Philly to stand up for pregnant moms everywhere.

While some people would have just ignored the insults and tried to go on with their day, Fehlinger, who is a tough cookie, decided to fight back. Because she knew that she was representing pregnant women across the country and not just in Philadelphia, she stood up to her bullies and issued a strong message.

Now the young woman’s words are going viral and inspiring women all over the world!


Being a pregnant woman on TV is not easy. Because the camera already makes people look a bit bigger, it can really be tough for pregnant women who need to gain weight to have a healthy pregnancy. And not only that, but Fehlinger was 35 weeks pregnant with twins, so she was about to burst!

Nevertheless, the bullies thought it would be cool to attack and insult the soon-to-be mother. They are uncomfortable seeing a pregnant woman on TV and channel their rage at her for carrying children.

After hearing that a bully called her a “sausage in casing”, Fehlinger turned to the camera and said:

“I have to get something off my chest. So, the nature of my job makes me an easy target for criticism. I will always understand that, and I will most typically just ignore it. However, after someone blatantly called me a ‘sausage in casing’ and another declared that ‘sticking your pregnant abdomen out like that is disgusting,’ I felt a need to draw a line and speak…

“While rude comments like these will never make me feel the need to change anything about myself, I find a bigger underlying issue here. These particular nasty-grams were directed at a pregnant woman.

“So this little manifesto of sorts is dedicated to every mother out there – other pregnant moms-to-be, moms reading this while their toddlers play on the swing set, moms whose kids have long since gone off to college…

  • “You are beautiful.

“Even during the most uncomfortable – and let’s face it, less than glamorous – symptoms of pregnancy, what women go through to bring their precious children into the world is, simply put, AMAZING and you should be lauded.

“Frankly, I don’t care how ‘terrible’ or ‘inappropriate’ anyone thinks I look. I will gladly gain 50 pounds and suffer sleepless, uncomfortable nights if it means upping my chances to deliver 2 healthy baby girls. Now it’s about more than aesthetics. I want these babies to have the best start possible. And that hopefully means my belly that ‘looks like it’s about to explode!’ will continue to grow the next few weeks.”

“I say let’s raise a Shirley Temple to swollen feet, stretch marks, nausea, all the extra pounds and the dark circles! They’re badges of motherhood. And for those of you who think that’s ‘disgusting,’ remember a woman went through the very same thing to bring YOU into the world.

“In the meantime, let’s all remember the lesson Mom taught us — if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

Pregnant women are beautiful. Inside that growing belly of theirs is one of the last miracles on planet earth. It’s a beautiful thing and should be celebrated – not insulted and ridiculed.

  • UPDATE: Katie gave birth to two lovely baby girls on August 27, 2015.
  • Do you stand with Katie Fehlinger and other expectant moms-to-be?

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