Man Has No Idea He’s About To Film Worst Nightmare When He Hears Strange Grunts In Backyard

How far would you go for your pooch? If you are like most dog owners out there, you would jump into a burning fire to rescue your furry friend. As they say…our pets are family members.

That saying certainly rang true for one dog owner in India. When his pup got gripped by a massive python, he jumped into action, and you can view the entire incident on the video below.


As you can see, the python is uniquely wrapped around the dog’s body, leaving the pup incapable of making even the slightest move.

The dog is pinned down by the bulging snake, until the owner gets involved and starts hitting the reptile with a branch.

At first it doesn’t appear that the snake is going to give in to the owner’s fury, but soon the python unwinds himself from the dog’s body and the dog slowly gets up.

You can’t help but feel horrible for the poor pup. Surely his life flashed before his eyes. But, he simply gets up and walks away before letting out a bark. NOW, he shows the snake who is boss!

The python finally slithered off into the woods, on a mission to find his next source of food. While this is a pretty uncommon incident to occur in most parts of the world,

it is shockingly common in India. Dogs definitely need to be looked after closely when out in nature if they ever decide to explore the wooded areas of India.

Several of the commenters weren’t too impressed by how slow the dog’s owner was moving, and it didn’t help that he seemed to have time to film the incident as it was going on…

  • “Hmm my dog is getting choked , lets grab a camera and film it.”
  • “Who thought to first FILM it and THEN help the dog?”
  • “If that was my dog, that python would be dead. End of story.”

“If that was my dog i wouldn’t hit the snake with a branch, I would grab the kitchen knife and start skinning and chopping the snake alive.”

  • And some found the humor in witnessing the dog bark AFTER the snake slithered off…
  • “Then he had the nerve to bark!”

And we’ve certainly seen several videos where dogs have come to the rescue of their human owners…

“If the owner was getting eaten, dog would’ve risked his life trying to save him without hesitation. When dog is getting eaten, get the camera first.”

What would you do in this situation? Would you simply hit the snake with a branch or would you take it up a notch and stab it with a stick or a weapon?

It’s hard to say how one would react in any given situation, but evidently, the hitting of a little branch worked in ridding the snake’s clutch on the dog.

It would be interesting to see how the snake approached the dog to begin with. Was the dog antagonizing him or did the snake sneak up on him in that stealth way that snakes have about them?




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