Top 10 Latest Trending Technologies

Think about your previous 24 hours. Chances are that you have a continuous connection with technology such as apps, the internet, devices and other services. Continuous evolution in technology made it very important for everyone. When it comes to latest trending technologies 2015 is one of the most memorable years for the technology. But be honest also, there are some innovative inventions in this year still have yet to been suitable and perfect for enterprise use as well as widespread customers. Digital Mesh introduced in this year has the ability to surrounds the person and also wonderful new and ambient experiences will emerge to exploit it.

Top10 Latest Trending Technology

1. The Device Mesh

This is one of the best innovative devices that move beyond the computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets for the purpose to encompass the full range of endpoints with human interaction. Device mesh evolves and as a result, Gartner expects connection models to greater corporative interaction.

2. 3D Printing Materials

Continuous evolution in 3D printing with the variety of materials, including carbon fiber, advanced nickel alloys, electronics, conductive ink and pharmaceuticals for practical applications expanding into automotive, medical and the military.

3. Advanced Machine Learning

Advanced machine learning makes the machine appear smart and intelligent by enabling these machines to human understanding. So that’s why it is easy for human’s to learn these machines. You can easily change the behavior of any machine after learning it.

4. Wearable

Now you can use the latest android watches as well as Apple watches as wearable customer tech. In these days latest watches crossover into the business space. You can use your sum card, micro SD as well as your favorite apps on both the watches.

5. Virtual Reality

This year is also called the year of virtual reality. Sitting in front of your flat LED, mobile or tablet screen is nowadays in this era is going to feel like writing on a typewriter. In 2016 virtual reality has attract the interest of tech fans. Latest trending virtual reality setups are expected from largest tech companies such as HTC, Sony, and Oculus.

6. Robot

Fundamentally human beings are social. So if you are social then the social robot is a great choice for you. Robots are machines that are able to interact with human beings, get to know the peoples they had interacted, and even they are able to improve their behavior with clues.

7. Faster Smartphone Internet

Nowadays most mobile phone is operating on 3G as well as on a 4g network. But all eyes are on the next generation of this service which is called 5G. Approximately 5G networks are 100 times faster than 4G networks.

8. Bitcoin Latest Trending Technology

In the customer market, digital bit coin has its ups and downs. Bit coin latest trending is one of the best options for transfer of money all over the world. SO due to this reason Bit coin is on the top of financial institutions interest.

9. Video Games

The most wonderful and high graphic games of 2016 will rely on a combination of cloud-based power as well as a gaming console. High graphics and powerful games still need the data which is provided by the server of a console. There are few popular gaming consoles which are introduced by high-tech companies such as Sony and Xbox.

10. Diverse Drones

In the late 2015 FAA announced mandatory registration for small drones and after all, in 2016, the agency was clearly preparing diverse drones. Expect an aerial armada of faster, flexible, and lighter



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