He Knows He’s About To Record Truly Incredible Event, Goes Viral As Soon As He Shares It Online

When the video (included below) was released, the FBI and CIA tried to cover it up. They wanted the footage erased from the internet, but the UFO conspiracy theorists were too quick.

Before long, the video spread across the Web and reached thousands of viewers. Now that it has been seen by authorities in the field, the clip has gone viral.

Many conspiracy theorists claim that this footage shows a UFO of the coast of Algeria sucking up the ocean water and using it to spew a stream up into the air.

As you’ll see, when you watch the footage, a strange object is flying in the air. Then a waterspout is seen emerging from the surface of the water and shooting up into the sky.

No one really knows what the object is. But the man (or woman) who uploaded the video, indicates that it is a UFO.

  • Check out the footage below and decide for yourself!

Secureteam10, an Ohio-based YouTube channel that often comes out on top of UFO sightings and other strange phenomenon the FBI and CIA don’t want you to know about, uploaded the video clip on January 23, 2017.

Since then, more than 610,000 people have tuned in to watch the 14-minutes of footage and to see the latest UFO sighting spreading across the internet.

In the clip, an unexplainable spout of water arches up into the dark clouds from the ocean water off the coast of Algeria, which is in northern Africa.

The people filming the footage are shocked by the strange occurrence. They stop their daily activity to film the thing and to catch the UFO in action.

Astute viewers joke about what is actually being shared. They claim that it is just a tornado that has gone out to sea. And they don’t think it is a UFO, but a seagull that is flying from left to right.

Tornadic waterspouts are natural phenomenon that appear regularly in nature. These have similar characteristics as land tornadoes and are associated with severe thunderstorms (hence the dark clouds).

The YouTuber said this waterspout is different because an unidentified flying object disappeared into the clouds.

“Just before the waterspout dissipates we see a UFO fly out of sight, and this was said by one of the eyewitnesses to be the same UFO that flew up into the clouds just before the water began cyphering up into clouds.”

  • Some viewers joke about the aliens’ motives for taking water from earth.
  • “well how else are they gonna fill up their swimming pool”

“one thing is for sure, Aliens wouldn’t come to Earth for water. there are plenty of water out in space, and even if there weren’t, water is easy enough to make, since space is full of hydrogen and oxygen.”

“Even if the aliens were taking our water, they’d be saving us because trust me, we’ll have enough water in a few years [the ice is melting].”

The footage does not impress some viewers. They claim it is just a bird passing through the shot.

  • “OMG I think its your credibility flying off in to the distance!”
  • “I guess I’m the only one that sees the UFO’s wings flapping?”

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Source: heartti.com



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