You Be The Judge. After Watching This Video Of A Mom, Do You Think She Should Be Arrested?

When a Texas mother learned that her 9-year-old daughter had spoken to her father when he visited school, she got so angry she started striking the little child. A bystander happened to notice the child abuse and turned on their cellphone camera. You can see every strike happening in video.

In the clip, Angela Armendariz, the abusive mother, is seen striking her daughter and shouting curse words as they sit in the front seats of their car. The reason for the excessive abuse? Apparently, the little girl spoke to Armendariz’s husband while she was at school. Learn more and see what mom did in the video below!

The 36-year-old mother from Pecos, Texas was caught on camera abusing her child. In the clip, she shouts:

“Look at him and tell him why I bust your [expletive] [expletive]. Tell him why.”

Because the abuse was clearly caught on video, the clip went viral. Without any other options, the police were forced to issue a warrant for the 36-year-old mother’s arrest. Armendariz has since been charged with injury to a child. “Stop hitting her Angie,” said a bystander recording the video. But she paid the bond and is now back on the streets of Texas…

The girl’s father, Jesus Armendariz, spoke to KWES about his wife, “The officer recommended me not to look at [the video clip] because to him it was graphic.” But the father couldn’t resist. The 9-year-old is his little princess after all and he wants her to be protected and safe. Seeing his wife beat the child made him question her ability to parent.

“I thought that at that time I was strong enough to handle it and so I watched it. I just can’t believe what I was seeing,” Jesus says before breaking down…

Jesus had gone to see his daughter at school. This angered his estranged wife and she took out her emotions on the child. The couple are currently in the middle of a divorce.

Jesus admits this isn’t the first time he has ever witnessed her abuse. He reported it to the police before but they couldn’t do anything since he didn’t have evidence. And the law is heavily in the favor of the mother – even when she is abusive like Angela Armendariz.

“I’ve tried and I’ve told them and they just say it’s the best interest in the child to be with their mother,” said Jesus Armendariz.

Because the evidence is irrefutable now, the court has issued a protective order, giving Jesus custody of his 9-year-old daughter.

Jesus asked: “A lot of kids get beat up and they get killed. If my child was to go back to her you think that behind closed doors she’s not going to beat her again?”

Here are some people’s thought on the crime!

“Thank goodness someone video’ed it. That poor child. Her mom is violent and crazy.”

“It’s time to stop letting mothers use kids as weapons against loving fathers.”

Do you think laws need to be made to protect kids against abusive mothers?

Watch Video Below:




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