Here’s The Video People Are Absolutely Up In Arms Over. Should The Dad Be Arrested?

We have all been there, either as children or parents. The day when it comes time to learn how to swim.

Any responsible parent gets this lesson out of the way as early in life as possible, but kids do not always think they are ready for it. While there are indeed many methods of teaching children to swim, one tried and true way is the sink or swim philosophy.

Well, we just found a video from China that shows a father tossing his son into a pond or lake to show him how to swim.

While the clip cuts off moments after the kid enters the water, it looks like he was keeping his head up just fine, and dear old dad was right their just in case. You are going to love this clip when you watch it.

While it can be heartbreaking for us adults when our babies bump their heads or skin their knees, we learn pretty quickly that kids are resilient and that sometimes it is just better to toss them into the deep end and let them take their lumps earlier rather than later.

Just like watching a baby taking its first steps and falling, learning to swim can be traumatic, for all of five minutes.

But soon, instinct takes over and your child is swimming. And sooner than anybody expects, they are having a great time in the water

And swimming is as important a skill as walking or chewing solid food. Many children die every year because they were not taught to swim and fall into bodies of water unsupervised.

This video clip has sparked a debate of sorts on social media and the internet, with some claiming it to be too severe, while others point out that it is a commonly used practice for teaching kids to swim in many parts of the world. People have saying things like:

“When I was a youngster, I was left in the deep end of the Nuffield pool, in Gibraltar, and it was either sink or swim, so I swam, 3 months later I had my Gold ASA badge.

This poor lad was introduced to the water in a slightly more brutal way, but I bet he’s going to be a strong swimmer before too long.”- George Roper

“That is the Chinese way he wasn’t in danger the water was shallow. I wouldn’t personally want my child to learn how to swim like that but every culture is different.”- Sunnierdays

“That’s more or less how my father taught me all those years ago; it gets the natural instincts going.”- Sosias


“Not nice to watch but the kid can swim. My lads been going to lessons for 4 weeks and is still wearing a back float and arm bands.”- G-Unit

“I was taught in the same way. Sink or swim.”- Dune Sunny

“Ha nice 1 my dad taught me and my brothers the same way and we still all swim well but my Mrs pays a swimming instructor to teach our kids took much longer than it took us but so nothing wrong with it.”- Goobyzoo 19

How did you learn how to swim? Better yet, how did you teach your kids? Share your thoughts with us here.



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