Here’s What He Found In Hi Pool That Had Him Using A Sledge Hammer To Destroy It Without Hesitation

Most people only worry about little critters like frogs and bugs getting in their pool at night, most people don’t worry about anyone’s safety.

This completely changed for Kevin Dillard one night.

On a Friday evening in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a toddler was reported missing at around 7 p.m. Twenty minutes later, the same girl was found drowning in a neighbor’s nearby home. Just hours later she unfortunately died in the hospital.

Kevin Dillard was the owner of the pool, yet he knew nothing of the girl. He had never met or heard of her before, yet he was still so disturbed to know that this girl died by accident in his pool.

It was so upsetting for Dillard that he tore his own above ground pool as he told the reporters, “It devastates the Hell out of me.”

A local photographer named Kristen Zels managed to take this heart wrenching photo and posted it to her Facebook page.

This post that was later deleted described the event:

“This morning I had the assignment that no journalist wants. The one where a child has died and you have to go talk to the parents, neighbors, anyone you can to best tell the story of what happened.

Last Night, while in care of her grandmother, a toddler was reported missing from her Virginia Beach house. Shortly after, her body was found in the pool of her neighbor, Kevin Dillard.

Robyn and I showed up this morning to try to speak with the parents of the young girl and instead first found Mr. Dillard and his family. Tearing down the pool, once filled with happy memories, that a little girl had drowned in the night before.

In the pouring rain, he cried, while using a sledge hammer to pull down the pool. H e couldn’t look at it anymore and he absolutely didn’t want to make the girl’s parents look at it either, he said.”

The age of the girl that drowned is unknown as well as how she got in the pool that night. All that is known is that the girl was at home with her grandmother before she went missing.

The niece of Kevin Dillard said, while crying, “he’s got the biggest heart.”

What do you think of this heart wrenching story and Kevin’s response?  Let us know by Sharing below



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