What Happens To A Woman’s Brain When She Becomes A Mother?


According to some researches, there is an increase in the size of the mid brain of the women after giving birth. The adult gray matter volume rapidly changes after experiencing exceptional learning, injury, infection, or a major environmental change. The changes start once the baby is born.

Psychological and emotional changes experienced by a mother

  • The brain areas of the new mother have been researched by scientists, especially the areas like hypothalamus, substantia nigra, and amygdala, parietal lobe and prefrontal cortex. These are the reasons that are responsible for a person’s emotion, reasoning and judgement, pleasure and reward behavior.
  • There have been several studies which showed that when the baby is started, the center of the mother’s brain will light up, creating dopamine, a chemical messenger which interacts with certain brain cells and causes the mother to feel great.
  • When the mother hears the coos and cries of the baby, there is an increase in the level of oxytocin in the body of the woman.
  • The act of caring the baby is creating new neural pathways in the mother’s brain.
  • Those maternal feelings of overwhelming love, fierce protectiveness and constant worry starts with some brain reactions.
  • Brain changes of the mother might be connected to the development of mothering skills after childbirth hence the period immediately after childbirth is a significant time for new moms.
  • Studies also showed that the more enthusiastic the mother the more likely to develop bigger mid-brains. Also key regions to maternal motivation, rewards and regulation of emotions have been seen as growing.
  • The changes in the brain are particularly associated with the perception of smells and sounds which help mothers to communicate with their babies, according to expert from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The women’s brain is greatly impacted by motherhood. At that time, mothers are happier and possibly smarter, while many scientists believe that mapping the maternal brain might be a key to understanding why so many new mothers experience serious anxiety and depression. This can assist in developing new therapeutic approaches to treat conditions such as postpartum depression and compulsive disorders.




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