Go Home Evolution, You’re Drunk

#1 The Blobfish

When it comes to ugly animals, the Blobfish certainly takes the cake. We can only assume Evolution was experiencing some deep personal issues when he created this species…The Blobfish is so ashamed of its own appearance, that it is rarely ever seen by human beings and prefers to hide in the deep waters off the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania. Way to go, Evolution…


#2 The Wattle Cup Caterpillar

Evolution doesn’t exactly have a lot of common sense, does he? First he decides to make the most colorful and enticing caterpillar on the planet, THEN he decides to cover the creepy-crawly in thorns – and lots of them! Found only throughout various parts of Northern Australia, we’ve heard that this quirky caterpillar has a potent sting that is more painful than three wasp stings at once! C’mon Evolution, what next?!


#3 Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock

No, we didn’t make up the name of this weird-looking bird just to have a few laughs! The Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock is widely regarded as the national bird of Peru, but what we want to know is, what the heck happened to its beak?! Evolution, you certainly have a lot to answer for – We don’t know what crazy ideas were going through YOUR head at the time…


#4 The Bald Uakari

Yikes Evolution, you’ve obviously been holding a grudge against the Bald Uakari – Just look at that poor thing! This species is just one of many small South American primates, however, this guy really pulled the short straw! He’s so ashamed of his patchy head of hair that he’s forever blushing with embarrassment!


#5 The Ctenophora

Oh wow Evolution, it really seems as though you only finished half of this creature when you created him! Perhaps next time, give the Ctenophora a few more body parts than just a mouth? Also known as Comb Jellies, these marine creatures live in oceans all around the world. We get the feeling that they have a ‘bone to pick’ with Evolution though, and we could not blame them!


#6 The Devil’s Tooth Fungus

Before you lick your lips and start craving a jam donut – be warned, this is actually a Devil’s Tooth Fungus – Yikes! This species is commonly found across North America and Europe. Evolution, just what exactly were you thinking of when you created this red liquid-oozing fungus? All we can say is, go home Evolution, you certainly ARE drunk!

#7 The Sheepshead Fish

Just look at the teeth on that fish! The Sheepshead Fish has been found in various parts of the world, from the Mid-Atlantic all the way to Texas. Evolution, just what exactly were you thinking putting several rows of human-like teeth in the mouth of a medium-sized fish?! Oh Evolution, now you’re just embarrassing yourself…




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