After Getting An Abortion, Here’s The Card A Woman Got From Her Clinic (Photos)

Nicky Windsor, 29, has three children, but when she became pregnant for a fourth time, the single mother decided to terminate.

Windsor went to Conifer House in June, but after she had the abortion, she complained about not being offered a proper burial for the fetus, Metro reported.

She was later sent a condolence card from Conifer House which contained an ultrasound image of the fetus.

“When I got the card, I thought it was a really nice gesture,” she told Hull Daily Mail. “But when I opened it up, I saw two baby scans of my baby, and it absolutely shattered me. It was just an awful feeling. It felt as if I had to go through the loss all over again.”

PIC FROM SIMON KENCH / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: A sympathy card with an ultrasound of her feotus Nicky received from where she had her abortion.) A mum was left shell-shocked after she received a sympathy card from the clinic where she had an abortion- along with ultrasound images of her aborted foetus. Nicky Windsor, 29, from Hull, East Yorks, had an abortion in June and claims she was not offered the choice of a single burial but she was left stunned when in response to her complaints, the clinic sent her ultrasound images of her aborted foetus. Nicky, who has chosen not to disclose the reasons behind her abortion, claims shes had nightmares since receiving the card last Thursday. SEE CATERS COPY.

Windsor said she was upset about the lack of burial options to begin with and claimed the staff admitted they made a mistake.

“After I had my procedure, I should have been given the option for a single burial or cremation,” Windsor said. 

“I didn’t have that, so I felt like I never got the chance to grieve properly, and you can’t get that back. That chance has gone now, and it makes me feel a bit empty.”

Windsor said seeing the ultrasounds was traumatic. “I keep having dreams of me holding the baby, but every time I look down, I can’t see a face,” she said. “It’s just nothing.”

“How is it right that they can do that to me?” she asked. “It is bad enough it happened to me, but what if it was a 14-year-old girl? Someone could have lost their life or become very seriously mentally ill.”

Andrew Burnell, CEO for City Health Care Partnership CIC, which runs Conifer House, apologized and told MailOnline they will investigate, according to Metro.

“It is never our intention to cause upset or worry, and if we have done so on this occasion, I’d like to take this opportunity to say how sorry we are,” he said.

Sources: MetroHull Daily Mail , Heartti



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