Family Comes Home To Find Their Beloved Dog Murdered, Then Dad Spots Note On Counter

Dogs are man’s best friend. That’s how the saying goes, and the majority of dog owners can agree that this sentiment is true. After a long, hard day at work, a dog never fails to greet you at the door.

And who better to share your long walks with than a happy-go-lucky pup? We grow attached to them for good reason…because they are committed to the family members who took them in.

Even for those who don’t initially love animals, it’s hard to escape the spell that a loving dog can cast on you.

So, imagine coming home to discover that your dog isn’t there to greet you? It would be pretty disappointing right? Well, one family recently experienced just that, but they soon found out that it was much worse than their dog simply escaping.

Dog owners everywhere are going to be appalled by how the Oakland Police Department handled a recent situation.

When the Hallock family returned home from their day out, they expected to be greeted by their 11-year-old golden lab, Gloria. But, instead, they came home to a note on the door that read…

“Your dog was shot and killed by a police officer due to threats.”

Evidently, the officers responded at the Hallock Home when their alarm went off. Allegedly, Gloria approached the officer with a threatening stance and bark, so the officer shot her.

“Did you have to go to the revolver first? Did you have pepper spray, a taser, a baton instead?” said Gloria’s owner, Ward Hallock.

”There is no way you couldn’t stop Gloria if you simply dropped a donut or a ham sandwich in front of her.”

The family admits that Gloria had a loud bark and took it upon herself to protect the family and the backyard, but she also had arthritis and she moved slow.

Even family dogs are known to protect their owners, and it’s so very common for a dog to bark at a stranger approaching their home. So, why did the officer feel the need to go immediately for his gun?

“Being in her presence made everything feel complete,” said Gloria’s other owner, Matthew Hallock. “Now that she’s gone it’s like missing a family member.”

The family now clings to Gloria’s favorite stuffed animal and spend a lot of time looking through a scrapbook with photos of the pup.

The family says that they are not angry with the police, but they do however; want to know if some of the policies need changing.

It seems a good topic of discussion to bring up, considering there are so many other ways of calming a dog down when you feel threatened. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that an innocent dog has been unrightfully killed.

It makes one wonder if the responding police officer had an issue with dogs to begin with. Maybe he had been bitten in the past and he had a fear?

In any event, Gloria’s life ended too soon and for a reason that simply wasn’t justified.



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