Details Kept SECRET Of Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Buy- Why Can’t Congress Get Answers?


Yeah, sure. Obama has the most transparent administration ever. That must be why he is keeping the details of Iranian nuclear purchase secret.

Not even Congress is being let in on the specifics. Capitol Hill is being left in the dark as to where Obama is getting $8.6 million dollars to buy nuclear materials from Iran.

Chances are, the transaction is being financed by tax payer dollars.

The closest thing to information that has been found came from an off the record source at the Treasury Department who spoke the the Washington Free Beacon.

*Heavy water is lab-created and contains higher than normal amounts of deuterium, thus strengthening the hydrogen-oxygen bonds and causing differences that are important to biochemical reactionsplant-1

Sounds kind of like the infamous “We have to pass it to know what’s in it” line. Basically, legislators are out of the loop so they can’t interfere.

I’m sure it is just a coincidence that this purchase also helps Iran keep in compliance with Obama’s recent nuclear deal.

The Free Beacon also had an expert tell them that this transaction would probably help ” legitimize Iran’s research into plutonium, knowledge that would provide the Islamic Republic with a secondary pathway to a nuclear weapon capability.”

That’s cool. Let’s give Iran $150 billion in a nuke deal and then another $8.6 million for nuclear materials and just hope that they are not going to use any of it to fund terrorism.

I mean, really. Why wouldn’t we trust a country where the leader calls us “The aggressive and criminal U.S” with atomic capability?

It’s not like they burn our flag and chant “Death to America” or anything.



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