Dad Finds Out His Daughter Is Being Bullied, Teaches Punks A Lesson They’ll Never Forget

Bullying is all too common these days. And it’s gotten so bad that kids and teens have harmed themselves as a result of being verbally abused.

And while it’s hard to tell exactly where these kids learn how to bully, we can be sure that it stems from a variety of four places: home, school, television and social media.

If a child sees his/her parent behaving poorly to others on a regular basis than it certainly ups the chances that the child will behave poorly to his/her peers.

And if a child is exposed to this madness on social media and television, then there is no doubt that he/she will “pay it forward” and display the same behavior toward others.

Since social media has become such a normal part of our everyday lives, it has opened up doors to kids being exposed to much more than they were before.

Before social media came into existence, we had the violence of television to monitor, but that is nothing compared to the limitless connectivity that the social sites offer.

It can be just as hurtful for a parent to witness their child being bullied, as it can for the child.

No one wants to see a loved one being abused and threatened and sometimes you just have to do something about it if you are faced with a situation where a loved one is being bullied.

When Bradley Knudson of Prior Lake, Minnesota witnessed his daughter being bullied by her peers, he felt compelled to take action.

Bradley and his wife, Wendy are the proud parents of an African American daughter who they love with all their hearts.

On New Years Eve, Bradley made the painful discovery that his daughter’s classmates had been sending her racist and hurtful videos on SnapChat.

It was a small group of kids joined together to inflict harm on his daughter. When he couldn’t take watching this happen anymore, he decided to take the situation into his own hands and teach these bullies a lesson they would never forget.

It didn’t help that one of his friend’s kids committed suicide and passed away after he was bullied. This dad wasn’t taking any chances in his own daughter being harmed.

Hopefully his method in teaching these kids a lesson will be seen by bullies all over the world.

Nowadays, school authorities don’t take bullying lightly and they take major precautions when it comes to enforcing rules and educating students on the aftermath of bullying.

Kids are taught to do what is right even if it veers away from the majority, and there are now a lot of open door policies in school districts, where students can talk to teachers and police officers about a situation.

Schools are starting to teach kids that it’s “cool” to standup for others and do the right thing.

The one thing good about social media in this situation is that the father was able share his bullying method with the world, opening up his chances of other bullies seeing it.




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