Dad Allows His Baby To Pick Out Her Picture Day Outfit. Her Photo Goes Viral Overnight

When a child is old enough to choose their own outfits for school, you know you’re making strides as a parent.

Seeing just a little bit of independence in your children usually feels both good and bad. Bad because they’re growing up too fast. Good because maybe they will be able to move out of your house when they turn eighteen.


But one dad gave his daughter a bit too much autonomy – perhaps. After promising her that she could pick her own outfits for school, she went out of control and picked the most absurd thing for picture day. And dad didn’t have the gall to call her out on it!

Instead, dad let her wear the silly outfit and get her picture taken. Hopefully, her school friends didn’t start picking on her that day…

But when you see what this little girl wanted to wear for her picture day, you tell me how to say no to her!

Because kids don’t have the same societal standards that parents do, they are more likely to go out there and pick something out-of-the-ordinary for school – especially picture day when they know their outfit will be caught on camera forever.

Sometimes, their favorite clothes are costumes…princesses, pirates, cowboys, or in the case of this little girl, superheroes.

  • When it came time for picture day, dad approved of her choice to wear a superman outfit.

He later wrote, after the picture started going viral: “My daughter got to pick what she wore for her school pictures. Daddy approves.”

  • Check out this heartwarming image of the little girl.

Here’s what other parents and admirers had to say about this girl’s choice to wear a superman outfit:

“I’ve learned long ago (I have 3 girls, ages 15, 9, & 4) to give up the fight of what is worn. As long as you are seasonally appropriate (i.e. no shorts in winter) and covered (i.e. no booty or major cleavage) then I’m good. 15 yr old now dresses like a hobo, 9 yr old matches color-friendly-ish, and 4 yr old wears whatever her heart desires (Frozen skirt w/ 4th if July tank and Minnie Mouse sneakers). My life is less stressful. I’m good.”

“Love it. My six year old daughter told me this morning she wants to be a superhero when she grows up and she wants superpowers so she can save people. If only she knew how many people she’s already saved. Here’s to all the little girls with superpowers.”

“I had to work early the morning my youngest daughter had her very first kindergarten pictures. I sat the clothes out I wanted her to wear. My husband dressed her. Weeks later the pictures came, the dress she wore, with a yoke was so cute and on backwards.

Clearly on backwards. Zipper in front. The teacher didn’t say anything because she figured that’s how we wanted it. I can laugh about it now…”

“I don’t believe my daughter’s school would let students wear outfits like this for pictures but I think it would be amazing to have the memories that show their personalities…uniqueness…the best of them!”

Do you think children should be allowed to wear costumes on picture day or at school? Or should children dress proper and have more discipline?

Please CONTRIBUTE YOUR UNIQUE VOICE to the conversation going on in the comments below now!




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