Couple Is Out To Dinner With Their Child When Waiter Slips Them A Note, Mom Breaks Down


When a stranger showed a small family an act of kindness, it was the start to a better life. Even though the anonymous Good Samaritan might never know that their simple act did so much good, they did it in good faith and now their kindness is seeping into all corners of a family’s life.

Recently, a family’s infant son became the target of internet bullying. Who would bully an infant? I don’t know, but it happened.

And when the family saw the comments people were writing about little Brody, who was only a few months old, the family couldn’t bear it. Because the boy has a bilateral cleft lip and ballet, he looks different from other babies.

This rare form of chromosome deletion makes him appear different from “normal” babies. But that does not stop his parents from loving him.

But Brody’s parents didn’t learn about the cleft lip at his birth, they knew about it after an ultrasound appointment. Doctors even asked if the parents wanted to keep the pregnancy or give up on their little boy. Not for one second did Brody’s parents consider murder with an abortion…

Brody was born into a loving family. His mother Sara Heller posts daily photos of her pride and joy on Facebook. But her joy has been clouded as friends and strangers write rude comments about how her baby looks.

  • The trolls were direct.

“What’s wrong with your son’s face?” the comment read. The ignorance shocked Brody’s parents. How could someone direct that hate at an innocent baby.

She wanted to lash back in hatred. But Heller calmed herself and decided to use this moment as an opportunity to teach someone about her boy’s condition.

“My job as his parent and his advocate is to tell his story,” she explains. But it didn’t take long for another person to react her baby. This time, however, the interaction was positive.

After the New Year, Heller and her husband took Brody out to dinner with friends. Dinner progressed and then they were approached by the server.

The man held a piece of paper, which looked like a napkin. But then he said it was a gift from another table across the room. They were strangers.

Heller was terrified. Was it another group of bullies? Was it another mean-spirited hater? The opened the note.

  • Inside was a check for $1,000, which a memo that read “For your beautiful baby.”

Whoever had done this was a saint. The family needed the money desperately. Brody had surgery planned to repair his palate and an extra $1,000 would make a huge difference.

Since then, the story has gone viral. And people around the world are telling Sara Heller and her husband that Brody is a loveable boy no matter what a few negative bullies have to say.

Sara hope that “someday [Brody] can do something great for someone.” Paying it forward is the best way to respond to an act of good grace…

Watch the video report below to meet baby Brody and to hear how much Sara appreciated the anonymous gift.

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