Biker Adobt Abuse Dog And Save His Life

From the exterior, Brandon looks like a rough-and-tumble cowboy. But with his goatee, tattoos and leather, the biker from Burleson, Texas recently revealed the world which you simply cannot judge a book by its own cover.

Brandon was riding on his bike, on his way to meet his father, when he seen a vehicle pulled over on Highway 171 — plus a guy beating an innocent little white dog. As he saw the scene unfold in his rearview mirror, Brandon was shocked. The dog threw to the air curb side and drove off, leaving the bad puppy to expire on the side of the trail. “I went after the man simply to give him a number one sign,” Brandon writes on Facebook. “And I now possess a Co pilot — Meet Mr. DAVIDSON.”

That’s correct — Brandon plucked up his new co-pilot immediately on the spot, saving his life and offering him a second chance. He was finally safe.

When Brandon isn’t riding his bike, he’s singing and composing songs. In fact, saving Mr. Davidson inspired him to compose a song about his new greatest friend… and now his first song and music video are going viral.

A biker from Burleson, Turnbow, Florida, was recently when he observed just a little bright pet being overwhelmed from the area of the highway out driving his bike. Following the dog was thrown by a guy and owned down, Brandon turned a superhero and sprung into action.

Brandon found the pet, named him Mr. Davidson (after the famous Harley, ofcourse) and located him correctly on the back of his cycle. After experiencing a-day used on the open road, Brandon decided to adopt Mr. Davidson and give the home he earned to him.

“Well looks like my co-pilot has identified serenity ,” Brandon writes on Facebook. “His abdomen is full and he observed the pillow.” This fortunate pet has an amazing daddy to take care of him for the remainder of his living, and today lives with his family and Brandon.

But Brandon took his heroism a stage further. “Lets all join together to generate this happen on an unbelievable scale. I am aware there are always a large amount of Riders out-there that love animals so just if we delivered Riders to collect abused pets near you, how could you enjoy it?”

Thus contacted by his knowledge Brandon, with Davidson began a non-profit firm called Baaang Bikers Against Animal Abuse Worldwide.

“And you’ll do not have to worry again that you experienced. ‘Bout getting tossed sideways and started down. We’ll always have fun and proceed cycling Mr. Davidson.”, in the sunlight

Thank God for folks like Brandon. I’m so happy Mr. Davidson is in as well as not dangerous great hands. If you feel the same, please SHARE this inspiring story with your friends on Facebook!



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