Amazing & Interesting Facts About Eyes

Interesting Facts About Eyes

The Eye is an organ in the body comprising of astonishing attributes, and can do an amazing number of things. Eyes are amalgamated organs, so it’s really essential to take care of them.

#1: Second Powerful Organ

Eyes are the second most powerful body part after brain. They consume 65% of brainpower. They can develop about 36,000 bits of information an hour.  The real eye is always working.

#2: Weight

The estimated weight of a human eyeball is about 28 grams. The most critical part of your eye is as delicate as a wet tissue.

#3: Automatically Adjust

The images that are send to brain are in reality upside down and backwards. Eyes adjust in just milliseconds in order to keep stability. Pupil change in size in order to let in the correct amount of light. The only element of the body that doesn’t have blood vessels is the cornea. The human eye can differentiate about 500 shades of gray.

#4: Size

The standard human eye is about 1 inch in diameter. Eyes are for all time the same size from birth.

#5: Strongest Muscles

The outer muscles that move the eyes are the strongest muscles in the human body for the work that they have to do.


An average person blinks 12 times per minute. Human eye is 576 mega pixel.



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