10 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar


We will show you which the warning signs that you eat too much sugar are.

  • Anxiety or depression – too much sugar can cause emotional crush. When the energy-boosting effects wear-out, physical fatigue may be accompanied by psychological fatigue. Lethargy, sadness, anxiety, nervousness, feelings of impending doom, constant worry, and social withdrawal can be experienced by sugar addicts. Try with natural essential oils for some relief.
  • High blood pressure – a lot of sugar intake may lead to blood pressure issues. There has been a study performed in 2010 by the University of Colorado – Denver where 4,500 adults showed a link between hypertension and excessive sugar consumption.
  • Tiredness and lack of energy – this is one of the best signs that you consume too much sugar in your diet. Even though high-sugar foods boost energy, it is the crash which comes afterwards that makes you feel tired. This may be a time for you to reexamine your diet if you consume too much sugar. There might be some other reasons why you feel tired, thus check with your doctor.
  • Frequent colds and flu – if you get a cold or flu very often, then it may be due to excessive sugar intake in your diet. Too much sugar weakens your immune system and makes your body’s natural ability to fight off colds, flu, and viruses.
  • Skin issues (including dark circles under your eyes) – when consumed, sugar has an inflammatory effect over your body, thus it is contributing to inflammatory skin issues. If you suffer from acne, eczema, rosacea, or excessive oiliness or dryness, sugar is to be blamed in most cases. If you cut sugar from your diet, you can greatly improve your skin issues as well as overall health.
  • Sugar/Carb cravings – the chances that you will become a sugar addict are high if you find yourself carving craving for sugary snacks each day. If you consume sugar, there might be caused a chain if reactions. For that reason avoid sugar as much as you can.
  • Weight issues – our body is set up to accommodate limited sugar amounts, thus when sugar keeps pouring in, the calories convert to and are stored as body fat, leading to obesity. It further carriers a risk for many other health issues like high blood cholesterol levels, sleep apnea, cardiac issues, and many more.
  • Heart issues – a lot of sugar intake has the potential to wreak havoc on the heart. One study conducted on rats at Case Reserve Western University showed that a high-sucrose diet hastens death and also increases the risk for cardiac issues. The findings can’t be applied to humans directly, but because sugar bingeing increases the risk of developing illnesses which have a negative impact on heart health in people.
  • Diabetes – sugar causes weight gain which then increases the risk for developing type II diabetes. There are a lot of people who are “pre-diabetic and do not realize it, thus if you are constantly thirsty or hungry in spite of regular eating and hydration, and also feel flushed after a sugar binge, or very weak, you may wish to talk to your doctor about diabetes risk.
  • Dental problems – it may be the sugar you consume if you find yourself too often in the dentist chair because of constant cavities that require fillings and root canals. Sugar works its way into the nooks and crannies in the teeth, where it rots the tooth enamel away, and infiltrates the teeth, further causing painful dental issues.

Beat sugar addiction

A lot of healthy foods like sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, so once you kick processed sugars such as candies and soft drinks to the curb, your taste buds will be able to appreciate a healthy level of sweetness. Give excess sugar the boot and get on the road to a healthier and happier you.




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